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About Flower Valley Veterinary Clinic

Flower Valley Veterinary Clinic has served the needs of Montgomery County, MD pets and their families for over 35 years. When Dr. James Burns was a child, a neighbor asked him where the nearest veterinarian was. His reply was, “What is a veterinarian?” The neighbor told him that they were the people who took special care of animals and the rest is history. When Dr. Burns established the clinic in 1984, it was the realization of this childhood dream.

Over the next few decades, Dr. Burns committed his life and passion to creating something truly special at FVVC. He always believed in treating pets like family and welcoming everyone with a vibrant smile and a compassionate ear. He committed to providing high-quality veterinary care to help pets lead long and healthy lives. He always felt that the services offered should continue to earn people’s trust each and every time they visited. When it came time to find his replacement, he had to find someone who shared his deep love and appreciation for patients, as well as someone with the medical skills and knowledge to propel FVVC forward in the ever evolving field of veterinary medicine and surgery.

Dr. Ben Reichenbach took over ownership at FVVC in March 2023 and knew Dr. Burns’ combination of expertise, compassion, and experience was truly one-of-a-kind. With big shoes to fill and high expectations to meet from the wonderful clients, Dr. Reichenbach got to work. He continues to be devoted to ensuring that FVVC serves the community and their beloved pets with the same concern and quality of care they have come to expect.

Here at Flower Valley Veterinary Clinic, we believe in treating you like family, and your pets like our own. Through a relationship with a pet, anyone can find a deeper meaning for such words as loyalty, love, friendship, and responsibility. Declaring that you love a pet is a testimonial to the human capacity for caring and compassion. The bond between a person and their pet is unique, and is one to be cherished.

Here at Flower Valley Veterinary Clinic, we believe in treating you like family, and your pets like our own.

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